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Business model

Each of our five divisions is run in a decentralised way so as to be responsive to the needs of our local customers. All, however, are managed in compliance with the Group’s overall vision and values, and with regard to the strategic direction set by the corporate centre.

Our lean corporate centre focuses on fostering a high performance culture, sets the strategic direction, raises and allocates capital, develops and manages our talent, establishes key targets and standards, monitors performance and provides challenge. The corporate centre focuses on monitoring performance and maintaining stewardship of the divisions through KPIs.

Whilst some risks, such as treasury risk, are managed at a Group level, all of our businesses own and manage the risks they face with appropriate assistance from the Group functions as necessary.

Good corporate governance by the Board is based on the appropriate level of oversight, good communication and a focus on risks, transparency in how we operate and a culture of continuous improvement. The Board oversees the Group and amongst other things is responsible for setting overall incentive targets and determining remuneration.

For more information on our business model and strategy, see our latest Annual Report.