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Our vision and values

Our vision is to provide solutions for an increasingly congested world... keeping people moving and communities prospering.

FirstGroup has grown to become the leading transport operator in the UK and North America. Every day on both sides of the Atlantic we are relied on to connect communities, making it easier for millions of people to live their lives. Every one of our 100,000 employees works hard to deliver vitally important services for our passengers. Each year two billion passengers rely on us to get to work, education, to visit family and friends, and much more.

With an increasing global population and rapid urbanisation, congestion is a permanent feature of the future and the need for efficiency is more critical and complex than ever before. The challenge for every government is to demonstrate how people can live ever closer together and yet still move about and prosper. FirstGroup is one of the few organisations which has the scale and expertise to meet this challenge.

Our services open up opportunities and experiences and help to create strong, vibrant and sustainable local economies. Our opportunity is to be the organisation to solve the problems of our increasingly congested world and to help people, communities and society to prosper.

Our values

  • Committed to our customers - we keep our customers at the heart of everything we do.
  • Dedicated to safety - always front of mind, safety is our way of life.
  • Supportive of each other - we trust each other to deliver and work to help one another succeed.
  • Accountable for performance - every decision matters, we do the right thing to achieve our goals.
  • Setting the highest standards - we want to be the best, continually seeking a better way to do things.