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First Bus is one of the largest bus operators in the UK, transporting 1.6m passengers a day, with a fifth of the market outside London. We deliver tailored network and fares offers to reflect the needs of local communities.

Key facts

  • 1.6 million passengers per day
  • Serves the UK's largest towns and cities including eight of the 11 most densely populated cities
  • 6,000 buses

Our First Bus division operates around a fifth of local bus services in the £4.3bn deregulated marked outside London. We are one of the largest bus operators in the UK with a fleet of approximately 6,000 buses.

We serve 40 of the UK’s largest towns and cities including eight of the 11 most densely populated, as seen on the map.

We employ 17,000 people based at around 70 depots. Since 2010 we have invested in more than 2,500 new buses across our fleet, helping us to improve punctuality, fuel and cost efficiency and reduce our environmental impact. We have introduced mobile ticketing onto all of our networks and our apps are becoming increasingly popular. We also played a leading role during 2015 in the delivery of the industry commitment to launch multi-operator smart ticketing across city regions in England.

Partnership with local authorities remains a core principle for both the bus industry and central Government in order to deliver service improvements, innovation and cost effective investment. We build relationships with Government, local authorities and other stakeholders across our networks to realise efficiencies and better services for our customers, particularly through reduced journey times.

We are delivering a competitive customer proposition and tailored solutions to the local communities we serve, addressing their transport needs and helping to create vibrant local economies. We are working through an extensive and detailed programme to increase investment in our fleets, improve our networks and frequencies, rebalance our fare structures and enhance the reliability of our services. Our customers are demonstrating a positive reaction to these changes.

Across the country, we have discounted travel schemes in place to help young people, students and jobseekers. We also work with stakeholders, including disability groups such as the Royal National Institute of Blind People and the Alzheimer’s Society, to improve our fleet and to support our driver training programme. We aim to be a trusted partner for the communities we serve.