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Health, safety and wellbeing

The safety and security of our customers and employees is fundamental in everything we do.

We continually seek to improve the safety culture throughout our business, notably through our core safety programme, Be Safe. We build on the latest industry standards to develop operating practices which are strictly adhered to and regularly reviewed. Be Safe has been rolled out across all of our operations and is designed to engage all our employees, encouraging good safety practices and a strong safety culture. 

We believe that by adopting the right attitude to safety and implementing the right policies, procedures, equipment, training and support, we will achieve the highest levels of safety for our customers and employees.

Our Executive Safety Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive, and meets every two months to review the Group's safety strategy, procedures, performance and practices and to assist the Board Safety Committee in obtaining assurance that appropriate operational systems and processes are in place to manage safety risks and to promote a safety focused culture. Our Board Safety Committee reviews the safety performance of the Group on behalf of the Board, oversees the management of the Group’s operational safety risk profile and promotes a positive safety culture throughout the Group.