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Always front of mind, safety is our way of life. Our goal is for zero injuries and we continue to evolve and develop our safety programmes to achieve this across the Group. We also recognise that work, health and wellbeing are closely linked, and we collaborate with our employees to create safe, supportive work environments and promote the broader benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Key achievements

  • 3 meetings of our newly created Board Safety Committee during 2013/14
  • 6% reduction in passenger injuries per million miles in First Student this year
  • 2 years in a row of First Student as winners of the Occupational Excellence Achievement Award from the National Safety Council
  • 13% reduction in employee injuries per 1000 employees in Greyhound this year

Progress against targets

What we said we’d do

Reduce employee injury rate (per 1000 employees) by 8%

What we did - Our normalised employee injury rate increased by 3% this year to 35.8 (2012/13: 34.7) although the severity of injuries has reduced

Reduce Lost Time Injury* rate (per 1000 employees) by 8%

What we did - Our normalised Lost Time Injury rate remained constant this year at 8.5 (2012/13: 8.6) but our rate of days lost has improved, showing that we are better managing employee return to work

Reduce passenger injury rate (per million miles) by 12%

What we did - Our normalised passenger injury rate increased by 1.8% this year to 4.35 (2012/13: 4.27)

Reduce vehicle collision rate** (per million miles) by 9% (excludes rail)

What we did - Our normalised vehicle collision rate increased by 7% this year to 15.5 (2012/13: 14.4)

Reduce SPAD*** (Signals Passed at Danger) rate (per million rail miles) by 11%

What we did - Our normalised SPAD rate increased by 11% this year to 0.57 (2012/13: 0.51), although our 2012/13 performance was particularly strong

Reduce incidents of sleeping children in First Student (per million miles) by 25%

What we did - Our normalised rate of incidents of sleeping children increased this year to 0.03 (2012/13: 0.01)

* Over one day, and excludes assault, shock and trauma
** Excludes rail
*** Category A only