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Our approach

Global mega-trends impact our business every day

From climate change and resource scarcity, population growth and urbanisation, to increasing global connectivity, globalised supply chains and the ever increasing role of technology in modern life. 

These global trends mean new challenges, risks and opportunities for our business, our customers and our communities. Some are visible today, while others are emerging on the medium and long term horizon.

Leveraging our scale and global expertise to respond to our social, economic and environmental risks and opportunities helps drive operating and financial performance and allows us to maintain our strong partnerships with our customers and communities. We are already innovating through the use of low carbon vehicle technology, finding new ways to meet changing customer expectations, doing more with fewer resources and investing in the future potential of our people and our communities.

It’s all part of our vision to provide solutions for an increasingly congested world, keeping people moving and communities prospering.

Our aims

  • To understand and assess our key sustainability risks and opportunities, through horizon scanning, stakeholder engagement, expert insight and guidance
  • To develop strategic plans to address these risks and opportunities, embedding short and long term actions into our business plans and strategic approach
  • To underpin these plans with clear and robust targets and key performance indicators, based on timely and accurate information that is captured, analysed and communicated through integrated and user-friendly systems and tools
  • To measure and report on our progress, increasing our corporate transparency and disclosure and creating a clear narrative to share with our key stakeholders

Our material issues

  • Enviornment


    Our solutions put us at the heart of a greener, cleaner future for our communities.
    Key issues: Energy and climate change, significant air emissions, waste, water, and sustainable procurement

  • Our customers

    Our customers

    We’re keeping people moving every day on our services.
    Key issues: On time performance and punctuality, customer and passenger satisfaction, and accessibility.

  • Community investment

    Community investment

    We use our global scale and expertise to deliver shared value for our business and for our local communities.
    Key issues: Community engagement and community investment.

  • Safety


    Always front of mind, safety is our way of life.
    Key issues: Health, safety and wellbeing

  • Our people

    Our people

    With more than 100,000 employees, our people are at the heart of our success.
    Key issues: Diversity and inclusion, learning and development, and employee engagement.