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We use water across our operations, most significantly for vehicle washing. Water is a valuable resource and we are mindful of the impact of our usage, and of leaks, on both cost control and the environment.

Our approach

In First Bus it is our policy to install partial water recycling facilities at all our depots. The partial reclamation units recover between 70% and 95% of water used for the vehicle washing process. In new depots we assess the cost effectiveness of installing rainwater harvesting systems.

In First Rail, monitoring and leak detection are crucial in ensuring we minimise our environmental impact. We liaise with Network Rail, using leak detection and management specialists to monitor and manage water leaks. We also invest in water saving devices (such as water control systems for toilet areas and taps and shower units with push controls) when renewing assets, and other innovations such as rainwater harvesting for use in under-frame train washing.

In North America, we also monitor our water usage on a monthly basis.