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Sustainable procurement

For us, sustainable procurement is an approach to supply chain management that seeks to actively manage and minimise the negative economic, social or environmental impacts from the sourcing of goods and services, while also maximising the positive impacts wherever possible.

Our approach

Our commitment to sustainable procurement is reflected in our organisational and procurement policies (including our Corporate Responsibility Policy, Procurement and Supplier Management Policy, and Supplier Code of Conduct) which require us to:

  • seek to ensure that goods and services are from sources that do not jeopardise human rights, safety or the environment
  • expect suppliers to adhere to business principles consistent with our own (suppliers are expected to adopt and implement acceptable safety, environmental, product quality, product stewardship, labour, human rights, social and legal standards in line with our Supplier Code of Conduct)
  • seek to work with suppliers to develop long term, meaningful relationships that benefit both parties with the aim of improving the quality, environmental performance and sustainability of goods and services
  • make purchasing decisions based on a Whole Life Cost model and not on the purchase price alone.