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Our solutions put us at the heart of a greener, cleaner future for our communities.

Key achievements

  • 2.86% reduction in our absolute carbon emissions this year to 2,836,758 tonnes of CO2(e)
  • Normalised emissions reduced to 422 tonnes of CO2(e) per £1m of revenue
  • Average non-hazardous waste recycling rate in the UK this year increased to 56.9%
  • Achieved a rating of "Improver" in our evaluation against BS 8903:2010 (Principles and framework for procuring sustainably)

Progress against targets

What we said we’d do

Reduce carbon emissions in line with our climate change strategy

All divisions are on track to meet their individual carbon reduction targets (per passenger or vehicle km) set for 2015/16 (2014/15 for UK Rail) against a 2010/11 baseline. We revised some of our targets during the reporting year to align with our longer term business forecasts and to reflect changes such as UK Rail franchise renewal dates.

Reduce energy usage in buildings (where we pay directly for the energy we use) by 0.5% in the UK and 2%* in our top 100 North American properties (top by consumption)

UK target achieved (4.9% reduction).

We achieved a 1.4% reduction in energy consumption in our top 100 properties in North America in 2013; slightly below our 2% target. Performance was affected by the long and cold winter this year, which caused an increase in demand for energy, but was offset by our investment in more energy efficient lighting across a large number of locations in Greyhound.

* In the 2013 calendar year due to data availability.

Complete at least 65% of our annual UK Bus mileage using vehicles fitted with engines at Euro 3 standard or higher

Target achieved (73% of UK Bus mileage was completed using vehicles fitted with engines at Euro 3 standard or higher).

Increase non-hazardous waste recycling by 5% in the UK and by 2%* in North America

Waste recycling increased by 2.4% in our UK operations, short of our target of 5%. Within this, our recycling rate increased to 66.9% (2012/13: 62.6) in UK Bus and to 52.2% (2012/13: 50.2) in UK Rail thanks to the provision of additional bins for recyclable waste and increased employee training.

Waste recycling increased by 2% in North America this year to 25.1% (2012: 22.9), in line with our target.

* In the 2013 calendar year due to data availability. Data contains some hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams in North America.

Reduce waste arising by 1% in UK Rail

In our UK Rail division, waste arising increased by 3.6%. Additional bins for recyclable waste were introduced, but this unfortunately resulted in an increase in overall waste arising

Reduce water usage by 0.5% in UK Rail

Target achieved (22.9% reduction). The reduction was mainly achieved by First Great Western, where annual water consumption reduced thanks to improved leak detection and by installing urinal flow controls.