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Our solutions put us at the heart of a greener, cleaner future for our communities.

As a transport operator, more than 96% of our total carbon emissions result from the fuel used in our vehicle fleets.

We employ a range of techniques to manage and reduce these, but our greatest contribution to limiting atmospheric warming to 1.5 degrees derives from our ability to drive model shift from private cars to high-quality, convenient, low emission services. By providing transport solutions for an increasingly congested world we are supporting the transition to greener, cleaner futures for the communities we serve across the UK and North America.

Many transport facilities were designed for the climate which existed at the time when they were built - yet are now subject to increasing risk of flood or other extreme weather events. We have continued to evaluate the potential risks to our business and routinely include measures such as business continuity planning and risk assessment which take into consideration historical extremes and the results of transport sector research on climate change adaptation to which we have contributed.