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Asset Management

The way we manage our assets will be key to the successful delivery of our business plans along with achieving safe and improved services. We are committed to achieving advances in our asset management capabilities through continual improvement which is outlined in our Asset Management Policy and Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Our policy outlines how we will manage all assets under our ownership and stewardship to ensure that we maximise value in our businesses whilst ensuring the health and safety of our employees and passengers.

A key component of our asset management framework has been the implementation of work and asset management systems and these are being extended to all parts of the business to enable us to continue improving our asset knowledge and operational efficiency.

Our plan presents our overall direction, approach and the rationale for achieving our organisational objectives in line with our Asset Management Policy. It also provides the basis and direction for developing our asset management plans and improving the processes within FirstGroup.

To request a copy of our Asset Management Policy and Strategic Asset Management Plan, please follow the link to fill in the request form.

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