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Transport links are essential for economic growth and for communities to flourish. People need to travel for a wide range of reasons – business, education, healthcare, social and recreation – and across our five divisions, FirstGroup responds to these needs for our customers. While each of our markets has some unique characteristics, several key themes are important to each of them:

  • Urbanisation - The world is becoming increasingly urbanised and globalised. More than half of global GDP is already generated in the largest 600 cities, and more than half the world’s population today already live in urban areas. Transport links within cities (such as those provided by First Transit and First Bus) and between them (such as provided by Greyhound and First Rail) will continue to be an important driver and beneficiary of these trends.
  • Congestion and the environment - With 1.5m people moving to urban areas each week worldwide, it is clear that transport solutions based primarily on the car are no longer sufficient. In addition to congestion the cost is also counted in air quality degradation and higher carbon emissions. Our businesses form part of the long term solution by allowing travellers to leave their cars behind. We also strive to be at the forefront of technologies to minimise our own environmental footprint.
  • Demographic change - Many segments of our communities – such as those in education, retired or unable to drive themselves – have always been more reliant on mass transportation and with a rapidly aging population in many parts of the world, this is set to increase. Increasing numbers of (particularly young) urban dwellers are also choosing not to drive at all, given the costs of buying and maintaining a car and the issues of parking and sustainability.
  • Working with local and national authorities - As good transportation services deliver such a wide range of social and economic benefits, many of our services are mandated or financially supported by the communities they serve. Private sector operators such as FirstGroup have been given the opportunity to operate services commercially in order to increase competition (improving value for money and efficiency) and bring innovation and agility in an increasingly fast-moving and complex environment.
  • Service standards - Customers’ requirements for safety, comfort and convenience continue to increase. Our customers’ requirements are complex and constantly evolving, and responding to their needs is critical. Interconnectivity between different transport modes is increasingly important, as is the provision of the real-time information necessary to make best use of them. In all of our divisions we are rolling out more convenient services through smarter and more flexible ticketing, improved onboard amenities (such as Wi-Fi) and we are getting to know our customers’ needs better through customer relationship management techniques.

As a market leader in five segments of the passenger transport industry, our unique scale and diversity is our competitive advantage in responding to these themes. Our overall strategy is to leverage this scale and the breadth of our global expertise for the benefit of our local markets.

That is why our vision is to provide solutions for an increasingly congested world… keeping people moving and communities prospering.