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First Transit

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First Transit is one of the largest private sector providers of public transit management and contracting in North America. Within it, our First Vehicle Services arm is one of the largest private sector providers of vehicle maintenance and related support services in North America.


Key facts

  • More than 310 operating locations across the US and Canada
  • Also operations in Puerto Rico, Panama and India
  • 335 contracts
  • More than 350 million passengers a year
  • Operate and manage more than 13,000 vehicles, and maintain a further 35,000

First Transit is a market-leading operator in each of our principal segments, which are fixed route bus services, paratransit, shuttle bus services and vehicle maintenance services.

We have wide-ranging experience of many types of contract and it is through this experience that we continually deliver value for our customers and grow as a business.

Our customers include transit authorities such as federal, state and local transportation departments and private institutions including universities, hospitals and airports. Our market leading university shuttle bus portfolio is the largest in the USA, including partnering with several Ivy League colleges. An area of strong growth and focus for us is the shuttle bus market, and we have contracts at airports across the USA including Detroit, Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth.

We have a pedigree of more than 60 years of experience across North America and operate a wide and diverse mix of different sizes and types of transport services across approximately 335 contracts. The expertise of our people and the quality of our technology gives First Transit a competitive advantage. We have a solid core of knowledgeable transport managers with an unrivalled reputation for professionalism and innovation and we deliver industry-leading safety and maintenance programmes.

Technology investment delivers efficiency gains and service enhancements for our customers. We work with our clients to advocate the latest technological and environmental innovation including developing smart ticketing and real time passenger information solutions with our university partners. We have also worked with clients to promote alternative vehicle technology.