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First Student is the largest provider of student transportation in North America – twice the size of the next largest competitor. Industry-leading safety programmes, strong customer relationships and service record are key differentiators.

Key facts:

  • More than 470 operating locations across the US and Canada
  • 1,100 contracts, typically three to five year duration
  • Five million student journeys per school day
  • 44,000 buses

Home to school transportation is crucial for communities in North America and First Student is the largest operator of the familiar yellow school bus which keeps millions of students moving every school day. We are twice the size of the next largest competitor with almost a quarter of the outsourced market.

We operate in 470 locations across the US and Canada, working with school districts to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation for five million students per school day. We currently operate more than 1,100 contracts which typically have a three to five year duration. We employ 50,500 people and have 44,000 buses.

For more than a century, we’ve provided industry-leading transportation services by emphasising the relationship with our customer and putting students first. We work closely with school officials to understand their unique challenges, developing solutions that save money, improve safety, drive efficiency and provide peace of mind. Student safety is the primary concern of school districts, parents and communities and we invest millions in equipment, technology and driver training, making our school buses one of the safest forms of transportation on the road today.

As the industry leader, First Student is an advocate for new industry standards and innovative technologies. And that means our customers can count on leading-edge technology that makes us safer, more reliable and more efficient.

In addition to our main contracts we also provide charter hire services for school and non-school activities, including the Super Bowl, NASCAR auto racing and the PGA golf tour.